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To: Federal Elections Commission

Investigate Recurring Exit Poll Voting Anomalies

Petition Text

Hold comprehensive, public hearings into massive, recurring statistical anomalies of voting-machine results that for three electoral cycles have repeatedly yielded scientifically implausible red-shift outcomes.

Why is this important?

With a privately-run, non-transparent, computer-driven voting landscape now fully deployed, we are incredibly vulnerable to malfeasance yet this reality is glaringly absent from our national dialogue!

Election integrity experts are virtually unanimous in questioning the inexplicable results of our last three elections, finding highly troubling inconsistencies that do not reflect exit poll outcomes.

Our own State Dept. has set up exit poll programs worldwide to detect corruption in foreign elections yet in spite of legions of red flags we readily discount their value here.

It is crucial that we demand answers without which all our courageous efforts are totally futile!



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