To: U.S. Government and U.S. Businesses

Let’s Get More of Our Vets Employed!

Petition Text

To ask that companies and business owners give precedence to military veterans and military retirees during the hiring procedure and to demand that the government comes up with an employment system for our vets to assist our vets as they transition into the work force.

Why is this important?

The Concern: Unfortunately, many of our service members were subjected to enormous government cutbacks and left the field much earlier than retirement and several of them were given pink slips. Many military families have ended up devastated with the unexpected loss of employment mixed with a declining economy.

The government is continuing to make significant cutbacks to our military forcing more service members back into the workforce after being out of the regular workforce for years, even decades in some cases. Quite a few service men and women have incredible abilities and many have so much to offer any job. That being said, our vets struggle to find the employment they need every single day.

The Answer: If we put enough pressure on businesses and the government to form an employment program to help our vets get back into the workforce right away, we can help save more of some of our country’s finest from living in poverty.

Join us! Together we can help our vets get the job they need today!

We want to see our military vets have more access to employment too.