To: The Government of Long Island, NY

We Need High-Speed Long Island Ferries

Petition Text

Create a petition for alternative transportation to Long Island Rail Road and Long Island Expressway with our tax dollars, by having high speed (water) ferries to and from NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, LaGuardia Airport, JFK Airport, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Why is this important?

Long Islanders and New Yorkers in general put up with the worst transportation in the United States, with the highest average commute. We are the ONLY city surrounded by water which does NOT have a government funded ferry system. This is important in many ways including, less commute time (by half), easier access to destinations, an alternative to the constant delay and shut down of LIRR and major roadways, less cost to the rider, less pollution, and restoration of our ports. Some of the other advantages are less tax due to direct revenue, more high paying jobs, and increased property value for those communities with a port.

New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut

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