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To: Every Journalist Who Communicates With Hillary Clinton

Make Public the Transcript and Video of Hillary's Speeches to Goldman Sachs

Make Public the Transcript and Video of Hillary's Speeches to Goldman Sachs

Petition Text

Ask Hillary Clinton to authorize Goldman Sachs to release any video or transcript of the three speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs in three different states.

Why is this important?

Hillary Clinton received $675,000 from Goldman Sachs as speaking fees. She reportedly* used those speeches to make clear that she would let bankers off the hook for their crimes and abuses. This is at odds with what she publicly tells the rest of us. A transcript or video, from Clinton or anyone else good enough to provide it, would settle all debate over what she said.

Also, Hillary Clinton seems to think this is funny.**



Reasons for signing

  • Chuck Todd, the Moderator noted that transcription services had been used for the speeches, meaning the speeches WERE recorded and transcripts DO exist. Or we should legally force the Transcript Company to release the Transcripts for Public Record before July 20th. Ample time before the Democratic Convention for people to read and come to a decision for themselves.
  • transperency
  • Those of us that are voting for one of the candidates for nomination to represent the Democratic Party require to know what was stated in these speeches. We do not care what other party members have said in their speeches, only the Democratic candidates. Release the speeches so that those voting are able to make an informed decision.


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