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To: Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Pelosi: Meet with Extinction Rebellion Hunger Strikers

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Speaker Pelosi,

This is wrong. We shouldn’t have to starve ourselves just to meet with you. Our generation will live with the decisions you make. Please sit down for one hour with the youth climate hunger strikers to discuss the greatest crisis the world has ever faced.

Eric Tien and Stephen Leas
13-Day Hunger Strikers
Extinction Rebellion Global Hunger Strike

Why is this important?

Two weeks ago, fifteen activists with Extinction Rebellion, some as young as 17, went on a hunger strike in Nancy Pelosi’s office in Washington DC. All they asked for was a one-hour recorded meeting to discuss climate action. They were all terrified for our futures and willing to risk their own health to prevent catastrophic warming. Each day her staffers watched as their conditions grew worse. Most of them would get dizzy when trying to stand. Many suffered hunger pangs that kept them from sleeping. But she wouldn’t even speak to them.

After a few days, most of the hunger strikers could not continue. But two pushed on: Eric, 27, and Stephen, 28. On the sixth day, Eric’s mom called him crying and begged him to eat again, saying she couldn’t sleep anymore. They stayed hungry while Pelosi flew back to California. They skipped holiday dinners while she enjoyed Thanksgiving with her family. Their loved ones pleaded with them to eat. Multiple doctors advised them to eat. But they knew that everyone’s future was on the line, so they continued to sacrifice their bodies for the greater good.

By day thirteen, Eric had lost 16 pounds and Stephen had lost 23. Finally on December 1st, under immense pressure from friends, family, and doctors, they agreed to eat. They hadn’t received so much as a word from Pelosi.

Eric and Stephen are in recovery now. We believe that Pelosi has a moral responsibility to meet with the young people whose futures she is deciding. Please ask her to honor their sacrifice and sit down with them for one hour. It’s the least she can do. Thank you.



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