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To: All Americans

No Kristallnacht in the US

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The caravan of refugees fleeing violence and terror who are walking through Mexico will soon reach our border. Trump is sending troops to the border, along with inflammatory rhetoric about troops firing at the refugees. With this event, our country is approaching its Kristallnacht moment – the horrific turning point in Germany when Nazis violently attacked the Jewish community. We as a people are now on trial and how we act will be our judgment. We will be judged either as the decent people we have always thought ourselves to be or as people dangerously similar to the German people of 1938.

Thousands of nonviolent U.S. activists must go to the border to offer them sanctuary. We must preserve our honor as a decent people.

Why is this important?

Trump wants to find out what he can get away with. If he gets away with attacking people seeking asylum, he will take it as license to get even more extreme.

This is what Hitler did in 1938. Things only got worse because most Germans looked away. We must preserve our national honor and not let it happen here.



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