To: Virginia school board of education

No more bullying in our state schools

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Bullying is a serious problem and many young children are suffering from physical mental and verbal bullying. I’m tired of the zero tolerance policy and the teachers not acting on it. They need to be trained properly to handle bullying in all types. Because teachers and counselors in our schools should be trusted. Not corrupt.

Why is this important?

I among other students were victims of bullying, there was a zero tolerance up. But it was not working. In other words people were not helping us or others who were being bullied by other students. I grew used to being bullied and by the time I was in high school I was expecting to be bullied by day one. But it didn’t happen. However I wanna speak out against bullying because many young children are committing suicide due to the pain and anxiety of being bullied. I was one of those people who nearly did commit suicide but stopped myself. I know my goal is to help end bullying in our schools. And I am going to need your help if we can get enough signatures, I will email this petition

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I plAn to email this petition

Virginia, USA

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