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To: Eugene, OR Mayor Kitty Percy

No new fossil fuel infrastructure in Eugene, OR

Petition Text

Please join Portland, OR, Mayor Charlie Hales, Hood River, OR, Mayor Paul Blackburn, and other elected officials in the U.S. and Canada in endorsing the principles expressed in Portland’s Fossil Fuel Resolution — that fossil fuels pose inherent health and safety dangers throughout their entire life cycle — and commit to creating similar restrictions on new fossil fuel infrastructure in your jurisdiction.

Why is this important?

The rapid development of fossil fuel resources in the western U.S. and Canada has resulted in numerous proposed fossil fuel infrastructure projects through the West Coast. These fossil fuel infrastructure projects pose significant risks to the health and safety of people and their environment, and threaten the livability of their communities. Coal, oil and gas carried out of Northwest ports would carry as much carbon annually as five Keystone XL pipelines. Given the urgency of the threat posed to your city and to our global environment, we urge you to act on this issue now by pledging to build no new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Eugene, OR, United States

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