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To: Al Sharpton

No packages restrictions for New York prisoners

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Please, these prisoners need help. New York State Department of Correction is making it more difficult for inmates to receive packages from family members. The restrictions that are put in order, hinder inmates from receiving packages and now they are trying to take away their rights. I sent my family member a package recently and they rejected it, they told him he can't have anything inside the package. All I sent him was canned goods, packs of cookies, underwear, socks, and T-shirts. The package was innocent -- nothing illegal, nothing to raise a red flag about. I feel like with the pandemic, covid 19, monkey pox, and the economy against us making living life hard to live. We all are trying to survive and care for our loved ones that live with us plus the ones we love that are incarcerated. Eastern Corrections Facility is doing wrong -- they are mistreating inmates and now they are stopping inmates from receiving packages from families who love them and work hard to provide for them the best way we can.

Please, these prisoners are human being they have a voice, they paying for their crimes they committed, they have rights. Give them their mail. Give them their packages.

Why is this important?

We all deserve a second chance in life. New State Department of Correction is wrong to take inmates rights away. They deserve to get their Mail/Packages. Join in and voice your opinion and lets fight this corruption in these prison's. Eastern Correction Facility is mistreating inmates, violating their constitutional rights as human beings. This is wrong in everyway these inmates are paying for the crimes they committed. Why take their Mail/Packages away? Please lets fight for what is right not for what is wrong.

New York, NY, USA

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