To: President Barack Obama / DOJ Pardon Attorney Robert Zauzmer

Pardon Dr. Michael Bransome

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Pardon now Dr. Michael Bransome.

Michael poured blood on Selective Service files with the Berrigan Brothers when he was a teenager and he is still in exile in Sweden.

Dr. Bransome declined to pay $50,000 demanded during Pardongate and Bill Clinton obviously did not pardon Michael.

Please Google: Michael Bransome Sweden

I got to know Michael when I was in exile in Sweden (for refusal to submit to induction, which charge was later dropped by the DOJ when it was proven that I was drafted to stop my organizing work toward ending our misadventure in Southeast Asia). I know that Michael has honored Life his entire life through service to others.

Our country could only benefit from Dr. Bransome's presence. Why on Earth would Michael not be pardoned?!

by Bart Brown

Why is this important?

We must honor dissenters as we honor in this case vets, and in this case because the dissenters were right, and we leave no one behind.

When so many pardons are being given to convicted drug dealers, we should grant pardons to (as many) addiction experts (as possible), too.

Doing the right thing is always important.