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To: California State Senate, California State Assembly

Pass SB 1132 California Fracking Moratorium

Pass SB 1132 California Fracking Moratorium

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California Legislators: Support a moratorium on fracking now by voting yes on SB 1132.

Why is this important?

Last year, under pressure from the oil industry, the California Legislature failed to pass a moratorium on fracking. Since then, fracking has continued to expand in California, putting our communities, our water supply and the climate at risk.

Now we have another chance to pass a fracking moratorium bill. State Senators Holly Mitchell and Mark Leno introduced SB 1132, a strong moratorium bill that, if passed, will protect California from fracking and other well stimulation techniques. SB 1132 just got a yes vote at the first committee hearing. The next vote is on April 30.

We have a real opportunity to pass a fracking moratorium in California this year. The oil industry will spend huge amounts of money and political capital fighting this bill. We need your help before the next vote on April 30.

Please sign the petition to urge our California State Legislators to vote yes on SB 1132 for a fracking moratorium now.

California, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • Water is the most precious resource along with clean air. Despoiling this resource for the short term when there are better viable alternatives is insane.
  • Allowing fracking to continue when a drought cripples agriculture is insane. Use what water we have for us all, not the profits of the very few.
  • fracking needs far more investigation and regulation before it can be done without major damage to land and water. A moratorium allows the time needed to complete the needed studies and laws.


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