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To: FL US Congress members; FL State Senate and Assembly; FL Governor; US DOT and EPA Administrators.

Promote Solar Power in Florida

Petition Text

Promote and facilitate the use of solar power in the State of Florida:
1) Require State and Federal Office buildings to install solar panels;
2) Provide incentives for corporate and private office buildings owners to install solar panels;
3) Provide incentives for apartment buildings, condominiums and private home owners to install solar panels in their properties.
4) Set a timetable do accomplish the above goals of no more than three years.

Why is this important?

Florida's nickname of the Sunshine State is entirely appropriate. We enjoy one of the greatest numer of sunny days per year anywhere in the US. It is time we put all that energy to work for our State and provide much needed clean and non-polluting electrical power to our economy. Such enterprise could provide a large number of well remunerated high technology jobs to our citizens for many years to come. Reducing our dependency on fossil fuels could set the example for our nation and the world.
Florida, United States

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