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To: WI Gov. Tony Evers


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Petition to WI Gov. Tony Evers - Protect Citizen Health - Postpone WI April 7th Primary Now! Create All Mail in Ballot Election Later.

Dear Gov. Tony Evers:

We urge you to use your executive powers as governor to protect the health of WI citizens and postpone the Tuesday, April 7th, election into the future. Then implement a statewide mail in ballot election for all registered voters later.

Most poll workers are seniors, many voters are seniors, many voters have health issues that put them at higher risk to the coronavirus.

We must protect the health of our citizens and of our democracy.

Postpone the election!

Thank you for your prompt action!

Why is this important?

In times of crisis, we must protect the health of our citizens and the health of our democracy. Governor, postponed Tuesday's election! Conduct an all mail in ballot election in the future.
Wisconsin, USA

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