To: President Biden

Reduce the military's carbon footprint

Petition Text

Dear President Biden,
The military exists to defend us. By burning more fossil fuel than any other agency on the planet, it is actually endangering us. I urge you to require the U.S. military to reduce it's carbon footprint by 90% by next year.
The IPCC scientists have made it clear that, because we have dallied for so long, we are at "GO" time for stopping climate change. We need to not just build renewable energy infrastructure, but to stop burning fossil fuels. If we do not effectively stop climate change, we will lose our beautiful barrier islands and our coastal cities within the next century due to sea level rise. We will suffer more heat, droughts, and severe storms. Farmers will find it harder to grow food. Our lovely planet will become hostile to human civilization.
As we go about our daily business, we don't feel like we are in the midst of a catastrophe that requires drastic action. Our feelings, however, are wrong. Nature is not subject to our feelings; it just works by cause and effect. It does not compromise. It demands that we pull out all the stops and fight climate change on every front, including reducing the military's GIANT carbon footprint. If we do not, the military will contribute to our demise instead of protecting us.

Why is this important?

It is one facet of fighting climate change. We are reaching a point of no return in halting climate change. Either we act decisively and effectively, or we permanently debilitate our planet. We will pass a tipping point, beyond which even our most strident efforts will be insufficient to stave off massive sea level rise, heat, droughts, and severe storms. It will be hard to grow food. Coastal cities like New York will have to relocate. We need an effort similar to that of WWII to defend our planet from our own stupidity.

How it will be delivered

I will put it in one of my FB groups and on my profile page, but I am open to suggestions for other ways to post it and how to get it to President Biden.