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To: The IRS

Remove tax-exempt status from the NRA

Petition Text

Remove the NRA's tax-exempt status.

How would you you all like to join the effort to remove the NRA's tax-exempt status?? See directions below: obtain IRS Tax-Exemption Complaint form by searching for f13909.pdf, that also should bring up the latest version of pdf software to download if you do not have it. You can fill the form out on line (or print it out ), then e- mail it to [email protected] (or mail it to the address on the form.) The NRA's EIN # is 53-0116130. Wouldn't it be a kick in the pants if enough people did this, that we were successful in removing their undeserved tax-exempt status??? PLEASE. DO IT and pass this info to everyone you know. It was all obtained 100% legally. It would be a major blow to them!!!

Here is another link that states the case as to why the NRA is NOT eligible for a tax-exempt status. In order to file a F13909 you must state the reasons why their status should be revoked. Perhaps this link will help others explain in their own words why this status should be revoked. Just stating that the NRA sucks is not enough. You have to state a valid reason(s) and then document those reasons. Thanks

Why is this important?

The NRA uses this money to buy congress members' votes through lobbying activities that are corrupt, and not what the overwhelming majority of the citizens of the United States want. What we want is REASONABLE gun laws. Automatic, semi-automatic, bumpstocks, high capacity clips should only be in the hands of the military. More people die of gun deaths here by astronomical levels than in any other country. We are not taking away anyone's 2nd amendment, we simply want to make it sane. Less people dying of gun deaths is sane! Giving the NRA tax-exemptions is insane. Do you really think law enforcement entities want to be outgunned? No, less law enforcement people will lose their lives as a result of sane gun laws. Go to for more great information to support this petition.


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2018-03-14 02:18:36 -0400

This is more than just signing a petition, it is filling out an URS Complaint form to demand that the NRA's undeserved tax exempt status be taken away from them. PLEASE PARTICIPATE

2018-03-14 02:14:45 -0400

This is a great movement to get behind. We must remove the NRA's tax exempt status, and this is how we do it. Let's innundate the IRS complaints office with these forms . They can't ignore us if we do this in mass!