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To: The New York Times

Replace the Author of Bernie Hit Pieces with a Credible Journalist

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Remove Sydney Embers from her current assignment of covering Senator Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential campaign. Replace her with a reporter with a documented history of unbiased political reporting, whether at the Times or at another mainstream news organization.

Why is this important?

Sydney Embers, the Times reporter assigned to cover the Bernie Sanders campaign, is a former analyst for BlackRock, the largest investor in coal plant developers in the world. Originally hired as an expert in advertising and marketing, she was reassigned in May of 2018 to cover politics and soon was assigned to cover the 2020 campaign of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (sometimes sharing authorship of articles with other NYT reporters). Ms. Embers routinely failed to offer information about quoted sources -- even when their previous affiliations and statements strongly suggested anti-Sanders bias. More information can be found by searching "FAIR Sydney Embers."



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