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To: Aramark Correctional Services LLC and Aramark Services Inc.

Stop Serving Unhealthy Meals to Inmates and Robbing Families

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Aramark is slowly ruining the health of inmates. Menus provided to the county are contrary to what is actually being served in the jail, thereby charging tax payers for food that they are not providing. Small portions, bad and undernourished food referred to as "slop" is served to inmates at the El Paso County Jail Annex in El Paso Texas and many other prisons around the country, about 500. Aramark also provides the commissary for the inmates there, and sell over priced, unhealthy, items that are high in sodium and fat like chips, Ramen Noodles, cookies and this is the only option available to purchase and families must spend a fortune, because the inmates go hungry and have no other choice.
Demand Aramark to offer healthy options in the commissary like fruit, nuts, applesauce, and so on and lower their prices. They are also oppressing the rights of Jewish inmates by not providing full Kosher meals and say "it's Kosher" when in fact they are not equipped with a Kosher kitchen and give partial non-kosher side items which are rejected and therefore the inmate is malnourished and hungry because of this. We want Aramark to provide nutritious, healthy and normal portions of food to the inmates, and provide full Kosher meals even if they have to be ordered from the outside with the Kosher mark and sealed!

Why is this important?

Aramark's prison food portions are inadequate, causing hunger. The food is not nutritious nor does comply with the daily requirements for nutrition and calories needed to sustain life. The foods are causing degenerative diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Hypothyroidism, high cholesterol and so on. They have no regard for human life, which is cruel and unusual punishment.

El Paso, TX, USA

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