To: Elizabeth Warren

Stores should credit your time in self checkout systems

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According to surveys, 60% of people are irritated with long checkout lines. Self-checkout units were installed to prevent the long queue at the market. These machines remove the traditional paid staffed checkout and replace them with you and your time. These units were there for overflow and small number of purchases, but now stores are using them more and staffing the full service checkout lines less and less. Fair is fair; we the customer should be compensated at the rate of the paid checkout staff for the time spent checking out our own purchases. Simply put the self checkout systems would start a timer at the first item scanned and stop at the last item. A credit, deduction of the total bill, would be applied to the total purchase for the time spent at the rate of the cashier at a staffed checkout. This would compensate the shopper for their time and effort and prove to the store their compensation for more staffed checkout lines is in order. Or accept the cost of compensating the customer for checking out their own goods.

Why is this important?

Stand up for our time and effort being used as uncompensated store employees.