To: CD-02 Congressional Representative Jared Huffman (D-CA)

Superdelegate Huffman: vote in accordance with your constituents.

Petition Text

Cast your superdelegate vote at the Democratic National Convention in accordance with the popular vote of your congressional district, for Bernie Sanders.

Why is this important?

California, as of June 11, has over 2.4 million ballots left to be counted and verified. Not until July 15 will the final results of the CA election be certified by the Secretary of State.

On June 7, election day, California's second congressional district's presidential vote count was too close to call. As of June 11, Bernie has 50.3% and Hillary has 49%. We expect this margin to grow in Bernie Sanders' favor, and we expect our congressional representative to vote in accordance with the will of his constituents on CA's North Coast.

712 "democratic" superdelegates make up 15% of the total (and 30% of the majority needed to win the nomination) who will cast ballots in July at the Democratic National Convention. 67 of those 712 are current or former registered lobbyists, and many of those 712 pledged their support to Hillary Clinton over a year ago. Superdelegates do no vote until the convention and can vote however they want.

At the Democratic National Convention in July, superdelegate votes, like that of Representative Jared Huffman (D-CA), will ultimately determine who is nominated, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.