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To: Eric Bauman, chair of the California Democratic Party

Tell Eric Bauman: Help Pass Single-Payer Healthcare in California

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Eric Bauman: When you called for resistance to the Republican plan to roll back Obamacare, you missed the perfect opportunity to also call for Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon to put California’s single-payer healthcare bill back on the table immediately.

You stated in your “Healthcare Call to Action” video of June 26 that “in California, we are already fighting for Medicare for all for everyone” -- but with SB 562 stuck in the Rules Committee, that fight is seriously weakened unless you as CDP chair are willing to publicly request that Speaker Rendon put the bill back on the active list.

We ask you to use your uniquely influential position with the California Democratic Party to tell Speaker Rendon that California Democrats want single-payer healthcare back on the table in the Assembly.

Why is this important?

The Republican Party is trying to gut affordable health insurance for tens of millions of people across the United States. But in California we have the opportunity to pass single-payer healthcare – Medicare for all.

Assembly Speaker Rendon, a Democrat, has blocked passage of SB 562, the single-payer Healthy California Act, by moving it indefinitely to the Rules Committee. California should lead the nation by passing single-payer healthcare now. As chair of the California Democratic Party, Eric Bauman could show that he's serious about advocating for single-payer healthcare by applying maximum pressure on Speaker Rendon right away!


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