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To: Non-violent ex-felons with minor drug offenses and all minority communities

Victims of crimes against humanity-Royal "T's" Livin' Legends' Foundation

Petition Text

Have the ability to internationally spread awareness and advocacy for all victims of crimes against humanity. We will spread awareness with a ribbon similar to that of a cancer awareness ribbon but it shall be half royal blue (symbolizing ones authority over their own lives) and the other half white (meaning the depth of unity and new beginnings)!!! The foundation, once funded, will give 80% of proceeds to the cause. The felons I'll get out on a contract via DOC on GPS monitored bracelets to be trained outside of prisons in the contrition field and go into contract with Habitat for Humanity and rebuild all of the forgotten and lost neighborhoods so that can be up to par, in turn people in urban communities. We will begin to love where they're from and it will instill a sense of faith and hope once more, and trust most importantly!

Why is this important?

Gods will!


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2022-03-03 11:14:49 -0500

Launching in fall of 2022!!!! So excited;)

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