To: The CEO of MSNBC

We Refuse To Watch MSNBC untill you cover Cross-Check.

Petition Text

We want MSNBC to cover the Cross-Check Program instituted by Kris Khobach the Secretary of State of Kansas and implemented in the 2016 election which was instituted specifically to remove potential and likely Democratic voters from the voting rolls in states controlled by Republicans in particular swing states. There were over 1.1 million voters removed from the voting rolls in Republican controlled states in particular the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. If those voters weren't removed from the rolls Hillary Clinton could have won easily. We want extensive coverage of this issue repeatedly and on many of your shows. This also includes having Greg Palast, the best investigative reporter in America, on your network to talk about this issue, of which he is an expert. What the Republican Party did was steal the Presidency and the US Senate from the American People . This is criminal behavior and should be covered by your station extensively. We will not watch MSNBC until you do so. It will be monitored to see if you did what we asked and do your job.

Why is this important?

This action should be taken so that the American People know without a shadow of a doubt that the Republican Party stole the last election to gain power. This will destroy their credibility and make it much harder if not impossible for them to do the horrible things that they plan to do. They don't represent the American people and never have.
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