To: Governor of NY, Mayor & City Council or County Supervisors

Ban Fracking in Livingston County Now

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Ban fracking in all of NY State in all of USA!! Ground water has been contaminated in locations all over the United States from fracking. And fracked water full of oil and volatile chemicals is being used to irrigate farms, including farms growing fruit that will be sold to us without any indication of what went into it

Why is this important?

Governor Cuomo of New York has declared a statewide ban on fracking. Local citizen-led initiatives have helped ban fracking in Mendocino and San Benito counties in California; Athens, Ohio; Mora, New Mexico; and Denton, Texas. Communities across the United States and world are saying NO to this environmentally disastrous method of extracting fossil fuels from the land.

It is time for every politician throughout NY State and around the country to take action and ban fracking NOW!