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To: President Biden

Biden Stop Persecuting Assange Or Lose Our Votes

Petition Text

President Biden: Real democracy rests on the crucial freedom of the fourth estate, the media/journalist community across the world. You and your administration have been persecuting Julian Assange/Wikileaks for doing journalism and contributing essential information to the world. If you continue to persecute him and do not drop your specious case against him, I pledge that I will NOT VOTE FOR YOU IN 2024, no matter who is running against you or what else you do.

Why is this important?

Journalism and media, the "fourth estate," is crucial to maintaining any democracy in any nation across the world. When it suits the US government it gives lip service to the freedom and strength of that "fourth estate." But it has persecuted Julian Assange/Wikileaks for giving the world essential information in a time of "fake news," online manipulation of news, and neo-cold war rhetoric. The US and UK must drop their case against Julian Assange and release him. His honesty and skill are much needed now.


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