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Bring Our Tax Dollars Home

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Demand their Representatives vote to close most military bases and end military aid to foreign countries. These dollars must then be spent only in the U.S. and on infrastructure or citizens.

Why is this important?

1. Our bloated military budget is larger than the NEXT 10 countries together and is only supporting the already wealthy Military-Industrial-Banking complex.

2. This money is critical to supporting the ongoing wars, civilian deaths and casualties around the world and is creating hatred and violence. Did you know American soldiers were killed in Africa recently?

3. By law, the Pentagon is supposed to provide Congress with a yearly audit. They have broken the law annually and TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS are missing - over $21,000,000,000,000 as of the last investigation.

4. The Military is the largest single source of pollution and planetary degradation. No global plan to end our environmental crisis can succeed without dealing with this.

5. Either we are spending our money on Life or Death. As a so called ethical culture of religious and moral values how can we sanction killing people, all in defenceless 3rd world countries, who have not attacked us? If you condemn abortion but not our endless wars you are at best a hypocrite.

5. Did you know virtually every conflict since 1945 was triggered or promoted by the United States? Is this the country you want to be associated with?

6. Curtailing military spending will decrease our historic budget deficits.
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