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To: Legislators in Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Talisman Sabre participating countries

CANCEL AUSTRALIAN TALISMAN SABRE war games with 30,000 military personnel & also CANCEL AUKUS

Petition Text

‘’CANCEL TALISMAN SABRE AND AUKUS’’ campaign calls for the termination of the massive land exercises involving 30,000 US & Australian personnel in Australia from July 22 through August 4, 2023; and the cancellation of the recently signed Australia, United Kingdom and United States security partnership (AUKUS).
These are provocative war preparations against China and destroy the planetary environment which is already threatened by climate change.

Why is this important?

Talisman Sabre and AUKUS threaten to provoke war with China and destroy the environment, as well as furthering colonialism and systems of oppression.

Call for Peace:
Please share this petition in your networks and raise your voice against the dangerous militarization of the Pacific.

To challenge Talisman Sabre and AUKUS, many Pacific region organizations including Pacific Peace Network and Independent and Peaceful Australia Network will host a "Call for Peace in the Pacific" conference on July 29 in Brisbane with speakers from across the Pacific, followed by educational events in Sydney, Canberra and Darwin. The conference will be preceded by two webinars in July with speakers on the militarization of the Pacific and Talisman Sabre and AUKUS for those unable to come to Australia for the conference.
The aim of these events is to raise awareness within Australia and the Pacific region of the full impacts of allowing the US to base their military personnel, weapons, hardware and software on Pacific Sovereign Lands, by sharing the experiences of Pacific People including:
1. Complicity in wars of aggression
2. Becoming a target in the event of war
3. Loss of sovereignty
4. First People’s Lands disregarded damaged and disrespected
5. Environmental damage
6. Economic drain
7. Sidelining of national legal system
8. Impacts on women and girls

The mock battlefield will be from Western Australia, across the Northern Territory and Queensland, to Jervis Bay and Norfolk Island in New South Wales.

Publicly released information includes airborne troop drops near Charters Towers and amphibious lands at locations along the north and central Queensland coast, plus maritime mine-hunting near Gladstone. The RAAF Base Scherger at Cape York will play a key role. In addition, long-range fire exercises will take place in Jervis Bay with Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and air, ground and maritime exercises are set for Norfolk Island. The Darwin area will cover logistics duties while larger warships will practice naval gunnery and submarine hunting exercises offshore.

How it will be delivered

Volunteers will deliver the petition to legislators in their respective countries.
The campaign will also publicize the petition via articles and social media.


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