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Demand Wegmans stop using destructive palm oil!

Demand Wegmans stop using destructive palm oil!

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Palm oil and palm kernal oil are destroying the delicate rain forest and orangutan habitats.

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A threat to the environment

More than 12 million hectares of land are already covered with oil palm plantations, says WWF, an area equivalent to one third of Germany. Indonesia and Malaysia alone account for 85% of world production. However, the gradual increase in demand is leading to the expansion of plantations: according to Greenpeace, Indonesia is experiencing one of the most important deforestation rhythms on the planet. "The equivalent of a forest football field disappears every 15 seconds, and oil palms are one of the main drivers of this ecological disaster," the NGO deplores. Worse: deforestation caused by oil palm plantations aggravates climate change. According to the United Nations Organization for Development and Agriculture (FAO), this leads to large releases of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. "The CO2 emissions," the paper explains, "are particularly important when oil palm plantations are established on peatlands, a wet soil saturated with organic plant matter and rich in carbon." According to WWF, 90 percent of the forests of Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo and Sumatra have been decimated during the last two centuries, mainly because of palm oil. Finally, if the destruction of the tropical forests continues, the orang-utans will not be able to "continue to exist in the wild". In 10 years, the species could disappear from the surface of the planet, summarizes L'Express.