• CANCEL AUSTRALIAN TALISMAN SABRE war games with 30,000 military personnel & also CANCEL AUKUS
    Talisman Sabre and AUKUS threaten to provoke war with China and destroy the environment, as well as furthering colonialism and systems of oppression. Call for Peace: Please share this petition in your networks and raise your voice against the dangerous militarization of the Pacific. To challenge Talisman Sabre and AUKUS, many Pacific region organizations including Pacific Peace Network and Independent and Peaceful Australia Network will host a "Call for Peace in the Pacific" conference on July 29 in Brisbane with speakers from across the Pacific, followed by educational events in Sydney, Canberra and Darwin. The conference will be preceded by two webinars in July with speakers on the militarization of the Pacific and Talisman Sabre and AUKUS for those unable to come to Australia for the conference. The aim of these events is to raise awareness within Australia and the Pacific region of the full impacts of allowing the US to base their military personnel, weapons, hardware and software on Pacific Sovereign Lands, by sharing the experiences of Pacific People including: 1. Complicity in wars of aggression 2. Becoming a target in the event of war 3. Loss of sovereignty 4. First People’s Lands disregarded damaged and disrespected 5. Environmental damage 6. Economic drain 7. Sidelining of national legal system 8. Impacts on women and girls The mock battlefield will be from Western Australia, across the Northern Territory and Queensland, to Jervis Bay and Norfolk Island in New South Wales. Publicly released information includes airborne troop drops near Charters Towers and amphibious lands at locations along the north and central Queensland coast, plus maritime mine-hunting near Gladstone. The RAAF Base Scherger at Cape York will play a key role. In addition, long-range fire exercises will take place in Jervis Bay with Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and air, ground and maritime exercises are set for Norfolk Island. The Darwin area will cover logistics duties while larger warships will practice naval gunnery and submarine hunting exercises offshore.
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  • Tell Congress to Ban Fossil Fuel Advertising
    Every day, fossil fuel companies launder their reputations through ads and sponsored content that mislead the public about the true cost of their products. The U.N. has been very clear about the danger that fossil fuels pose to the future of our species and the planet. We must ban fossil fuel ads today if we're to have any chance at fighting climate change.
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  • Signing our letter to block the sale of weapons to Taiwan
    Sign our letter to Congress demanding that they use their Congressional authority to block the sale of $619 million dollars worth of weapons to Taiwan. Not only is this sale in direct violation of China’s sovereignty and previous agreements between the U.S. and China, it also will exacerbate climate change through military pollution and increase the risk of kinetic and nuclear war between the nations. Read our action alert here. We know U.S. imperialism impacts people outside of the U.S. the most, so we invite all people to send a message to Congress that the U.S. must stop investing in and profiting from weapons deals!
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  • Tell Kevin McCarthy That Selling Weapons to Taiwan is Selling War to US
    Provoking a potential military conflict with China isn't in anyone's interest--especially if there is nothing concrete to gain from it.
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  • Mayor Adams: Please Save Sandy Ground!
    Sandy Ground is a historic site and community in Staten Island, New York City. It was founded as a free Black settlement in the United States well before the Civil War and was a haven for those fleeing the scourge of slavery. It also was a station stop for the Underground Railroad. It is listed on the National and State Register of Historic Places; and on the National Underground Network to Freedom trail as the official Louis Napoleon site. The pioneers' descendants still live there. But today, the historic Museum is crumbling and in disrepair, and other original buildings are in need of restoration as well, because of lack of support and funding. Sandy Ground is considered an endangered site, and that is serious. We must not allow this essential part of our history and heritage to be reduced to the dust and lost forever! (Top left photo courtesy of Sandy Ground Historical Society and Museum; top right, Staten Island Advance newspaper; bottom, Google.)
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  • Defend People's Park
    Protecting a nationally significant historic site that is a beacon of political activism and a much needed open space, is relevant to us all. People's Park has roots in the beginnings of the environmental, Free Speech, Civil Rights and anti-war movements. It is a symbol and living monument to over a half-century of essential struggle.
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  • Pass the Washington DC Admission Act!
    As DC Mayor Muriel Bowser stated: "Even though we’re bigger by population than two states and pay more per capita than any state; we pay more in total federal taxes than 22 states. "
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  • Tell Kari Lake to Concede the Arizona Governor's Race
    This petition is for the sake of democracy. We need a big fighting force of not only Arizonians, but also Americans to stand up to tell Kari Lake that this problem that is supposed to be centralized to Arizona has moved to the entire US. We need to tell Lake to finally concede this election to the legitimate winner Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.
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  • Publish the Ratified ERA to reverse Dobbs & gain Equality
    It is 2023. Equal Rights for ALL, including 50.5% of the population who are women, is self evident. Abortion will only be protected on the legal basis of equality, not privacy, as Dobbs demonstrated. Any codification of abortion, reproductive rights, contraception, same sex marriage by Congress will quickly prompt legal challenges. It will arrive to SCOTUS and be reversed, on the new basis of "Dobbs" based on privacy, not equality.
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  • President Biden: Publish the Equal Rights Amendment NOW!
    The fight for the E.R.A. has been a long road, but for the first time in history we are at the finish line and need Biden to push us over. As of 2020, the E.R.A. has met all Constitutional requirements to become an official amendment-- all necessary states have ratified the ERA.​​ As part of finalizing the E.R.A. we need President Biden to publish it now! We are so close to having equal protections enshrined-- We owe it to our feminist ancestors to finish and finally win this fight! ​ We demand equality. We are born equal, it is time our Constitution reflects it. From abortion rights to equal pay and Black maternal health, our communities are on the line. Send a letter to Biden now and tell him to Publish the Equal Rights Amendment
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  • Pelosi Needs to Step Down as Speaker of the House
    Speaker Pelosi’s recklessly provocative actions show that new leadership in the House is needed to avoid a world-ending conflict with China. Her lack of leadership has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout her tenure, and it’s time to end the warmongering plaguing our daily lives and abroad.
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