• Bring back the Fairness in Media Doctrine
    Many people get most, or all, of their news and opinions, from one sorce, be it MSNBC, FOX, etc. This has led to increasingly divided voting blocs, in the public, and in Washington.
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    Created by Stephen M.
    Not only would such a bill allow everyone the chance to have good health insurance, it would also shore up Medicare!! Wouldn't that be an utterly simple goal to work towards? No new network to be formed. No one forced to buy insurance from a profit making company, no one FORCED to do ANYTHING!!! Totally a free choice! This should have been part of the ACA but the insurance companies would not allow it and the Dems went along to their enduring shame (and trouncing at the polls).
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    Created by Jerry N.
  • Promote Solar Power in Florida
    Florida's nickname of the Sunshine State is entirely appropriate. We enjoy one of the greatest numer of sunny days per year anywhere in the US. It is time we put all that energy to work for our State and provide much needed clean and non-polluting electrical power to our economy. Such enterprise could provide a large number of well remunerated high technology jobs to our citizens for many years to come. Reducing our dependency on fossil fuels could set the example for our nation and the world.
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    Created by Frank C.
  • Sell mortgage bonds to the homeowners, not corporate housing speculators.
    No more bad behavior by banks and speculators in the housing industry, a too big too fail sector of the national economy.
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    Created by A. A.
  • Raise the Minimum Wage in Minneapolis to $15
    Recently the minimum wage in Minnesota was raised from $7.25 to $9.50 by 2016 and tied to inflation by 2018. This is unacceptable. By 2018 a minimum wage of $9.50 tied to inflation will be no more beneficial than a $7.25 minimum wage tied to inflation today. The nearly 300,000 low-wage workers in Minneapolis cannot support themselves and their families on anything less.
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    Created by Caleb M.