• Action to Terminate Corporate Personhood Forever
    Fake corporate persons have shouldered into the institutions and legal infrastructure of the State, utterly overwhelming traditional republican democratic institutions and usurping the Rule of Law, converting flesh and blood humans into chattel.
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    Created by Darlene D.
  • Reduce Air Pollution in Ahwatukee
    The environment in and around Maricopa county, and in particular Ahwatukee are being severely impacted e.g., increased noise, destruction of wells, homes values impact on children by recent recent FAA, ADOT and the Federal Highway Administration actions which will significantly increase "Air Pollution." federal, state, and local governments decisions including aprroval
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    Created by Emerson S.
  • Support the Great Monarch Butterfly Migration
    Monarchs are being seriously depleted--through loss of habitat and especially loss of milkweed, which they depend on to feed their caterpillars to carry on their amazing migration across North America every year.
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    Created by Kathy S.
  • Stop Recesses For Congress
    Normal people are lucky to be able to go on a single vacation. Yet Congress is allowed to just stop working for months at a time. They should get back to work and actually accomplish something meaningful.
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    Created by Greg H.
  • Invoice Our Tax Bill
    Taxpayers might want to change government priorities if they are shown how spending policies affect their taxes.
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    Created by Dave P.
  • Does Hillary Clinton Support GMO Foods?
    The public has a right to know if she supports or deny's what is is our food.
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    Created by chris b.
  • Presidential Nominations Approvals
    To fill positions in a timely manner. It would force the process, even with the do nothing congress.
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    Created by Harvey A.
  • PG&E and other gas and electric companies please commit to moving to renewable energy
    This is important for our environment and future of our planet. A natural gas pipeline owned by Pacific Gas & Electric exploded into flames in the Crestmoor residential neighborhood 2 mi west of San Francisco. As of September 29, 2010, the death toll was eight people and 58 injured. The United States Geological Survey registered the explosion and resulting shock wave as a magnitude 1.1 earthquake. On April 9, 2015, the Public Utilities Commission fined PG&E $1.6 billion. However, fines are not enough to change the policies of energy. We must stand together to ask these companies commit to changing how energy is delivered. California is at the forefront of energy policy in the United States. By asking our energy companies to commit to changing to renewable we are showing the world it can be done. Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative: "Lastly, the informal Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative (RETI) process is influencing formal transmission planning. The electric utilities, the California ISO, and the Energy Commission have all indicated their commitment to consider RETI output with regard to their transmission planning processes. For example, the California ISO has committed to considering the RETI conceptual transmission plan in its 2010 annual planning process and in its recently initiated work to develop a 33 percent renewable conceptual transmission plan to support its 2010 annual planning process. The RETI collaborative has already created momentum toward establishment of key elements of a formal statewide transmission planning process." ( http://www.energy.ca.gov/2009publications/CEC-700-2009-011/CEC-700-2009-011-CMF.PDF) It is now 2015 and we must demand more.
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    Created by Brittny R.
  • Eliminate Property Tax For Primary Residence in Pennsylvania
    This will Stop The Regressive, Discriminatory, Extortion, that is the School property Tax, In Pennsylvania. A person should not have to pay "Rent" to the State, to live in their own home. This will End discriminatory funding of Schools, and replace it with a fair system, This will Stop discrimination, against Home Builders, because people cant afford to build, or repair a home, because of the High Taxes. Pennsylvania is not growing, because of High Property Tax.
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    Created by Brian Z.
    A recent biased news frenzy led by the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has targeted Marilyn Zuniga, a third-grade teacher in Forest Street Elementary School in Orange, NJ. As a result, she has been suspended for supporting her students’ wishes to send get-well letters to the imprisoned and gravely ill Mumia Abu-Jamal, one of the most celebrated, black public intellectuals of our time. For a fuller explanation of this case see the letter from national educators posted online. The press has failed to explain that Ms. Zuniga made student participation voluntary, that she in no way forced student compliance, and that the letter-writing was an extra project they were allowed to complete only after finishing regular assignments. Prior to this incident her mentor and principal had commended her for being a model teacher. In this time of growing public exposure of systemic police violence against African Americans and Latinos, we must challenge any attempt by the FOP to determine what is taught in classrooms across our nation. Nearly all scholars of African American history see Abu-Jamal as belonging to the American literary canon that includes figures and writers like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Angela Davis, Ella Baker and Ida B. Wells. Teaching Abu-Jamal as part of this canon is consistent with the School District guidelines that encourage teachers to prepare content on “how the actions of Dr. MLK Jr., and other civil rights leaders served as catalysts for social change and inspired social activism in subsequent generations.” (6.1.4.A.9 and 10). Abu-Jamal’s work as a journalist and his intrepid prison writings amply meet such recommendations for course content. The children’s letters to Abu-Jamal are reminiscent of the hundreds of South African children who wrote letters to the imprisoned Nelson Mandela twenty to thirty years ago. Mandela was identified as a terrorist by the U.S. at that time. It took courage for teachers and students to write letters then, and it takes courage for teachers and students to write Abu-Jamal today. By signing this petition you can stand with Marylin Zuniga, and in the long line of those who have stood up in solidarity with the unjustly imprisoned.
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    Created by Johanna F.
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    Fracking has shown to be a health and safety issue both for humans and wildlife. It is very dangerous to the ground waters and sewer systems in the area.
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    Created by Ola C.