• Leave Venezuela Alone
    The people of Venezuela need a respite from violence and suffering and have the right to determine their own future.
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    Created by Michael A.
  • Stop financing Israeli atrocities.
    To restore a moral society.
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    Created by Thomas V. M.
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    Created by Melissa V.
  • Merger of Sprint and T-Mobile
    Not only would this merger narrow choices for everybody, it would ultimately increase costs for those who can afford it least. Perhaps even more important is the hold that Crown Prince Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia would have on our population. He is a major shareholder in Softbank, an international holding company that already effectively controls 85 percent of Sprint. Should this occur, then, according to Trita Parsi, "Softbank will gain a 27 percent stake overall in what would become one of the largest US mobile providers in the United States. This would give the repressive Saudi dictatorship influence in the creation of America's first 5G network."
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    Created by Anne H.
  • Save Our VA - Rebuild the VA * Don't Privatize It!
    The failed Choice program has pushed hundreds of thousands of veterans out of VA hospitals & clinics into private care. Surveys show 80% of vets want VA care NOT private care. Trump & the Koch bros. want to close down the VA, sell off the hospitals & clinics, & send all vets to private care at a 30% higher cost to taxpayers than VA care. They intend to make billions in profits off sick vets.
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    Created by Buzz D.
  • Support The Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 HR 5087
    To prevent more mass shootings in schools etc. Please read House Rep. Eric Swalwell's USA Today May 3, 2018 article titled Ban Assault Weapons, Buy Them Back, Go After Resistors. Google HR 5087.
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    Created by Joady g.
  • Need for Presidential Nominative Reforms and Presidential Electoral Reforms
    We believe that Congress can enact bills or amendments that pertain to presidential nominative reforms and presidential electoral reforms without requiring any changes in any political parties' rules. These bills or amendments help anyone who wishes to demonstrate his or her independence from the Democratic Party and other political parties and wishes to run for president of the United States like U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. If the bills or amendments are in effect, Senator Sanders would not have to simply use the Democratic Party as a vehicle for removing any Democratic presidential nominee from a presidential general election and running for president of the United States. Would you mind either including the presidential nominative reforms and the presidential electoral reforms in bills or amendments or introducing these bills or amendments in Congress, please? Thank you for your time to read this message.
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    Created by Thomas Y.
  • Regulate Big Banks and Wall Street
    To stabilize the American economy and close the gap of income inequality
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    Created by Donna M.
  • Remove tax exempt status for contributions to the national fund of Israel
    Israel does not deserve any special consideration, particularly in the light of their total disregard for the lives and well-being of those it has blockaded in Gaza and those whose land it is stealing in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.
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    Created by George W.
  • Ban Assault Guns
    Make America Safe Again
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    Created by Kenneth K.
  • Weed Out Bad Cops
    Most police misconduct is caused by a few problem officers who have records of repeated complaints. Those few bad actors cause the public to distrust the police in general, and they make it hard for the overwhelming majority of competent officers to do their work. It’s in everybody’s interest to “weed out bad cops” from the profession. In Michigan the people responsible for licensing police officers – the “Commission on Law Enforcement Standards” -- are appointed by the Governor. The commission trains and gives licenses to young officers but has almost no power to take licenses away in mid-career from officers who prove incompetent. About the only way the Commission can take away an officer’s license is if the officer is convicted of a crime. Prosecuting bad police officers as if they were criminals is not a good idea. It’s too hard and often too harsh. Prosecuting cops is too hard. In practice it is almost impossible to convict a police officer of a crime. Juries rarely convict. Prosecutors rarely bring charges. Prosecuting police officers is too harsh. Cops are workers. We don’t usually put workers in jail if they are incompetent; we take them off work. Incompetent cops don’t usually need to be sent to prison; they just need to be taken off work. Since the Commission does not have the power to take licenses away from officers who prove incompetent, the main way members of the public can take action against an allegedly incompetent officer is to file a complaint with the police department. Leaving local departments to handle complaints against police officers is a bad idea. Police chiefs and sheriffs have bonds of loyalty and conflicts of interest. They almost always exonerate themselves and their colleagues. Even if a local department fires an officer it cannot take away the officer’s state license. A licensed officer fired in one town is free to find work in any other town. Do a search on “Gypsy Cops” for examples of how this works. Police officers are professionals. The state frequently takes away licenses from professionals who prove incompetent. There is no good reason why we shouldn’t treat incompetent police officers the same way we treat other professionals – nurses, teachers, accountants, electricians, plumbers, real estate brokers, builders, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, counselors, social workers, psychologists, optometrists, pharmacists, cosmetologists, barbers, architects, lawyers, stock brokers, engineers, undertakers, insurance agents, and on and on.
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    Created by Erick W.
  • Repeal of the Jones Act
    Because it’s having a heavy impact on Puerto Rico’s economy. It’s also making it much harder for Puerto Rico to get basic necessities at a reasonable price when American citizens need it most.
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    Created by WILFREDO P.