• Sign the Petition: Train Students on Modernized Job Search Tools
    The Answer Is Simple:We can put intense pressure on our education system in general by showing them how essential it is for our grads and students to be armed with the proper job search skills and tools to help them succeed in find employment. Join us in the fight to obtain better job search training for students and grads! We firmly believe that teaching students better job search skills and tools to help them find employment in the modern-day job market is absolutely essential.
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    Created by Melvin P.
  • Dropbox: Please Bring Back and Open-Source the Mailbox App!
    Important to note: Mailbox users paid for the application with the anticipation that they would receive continued service and support and were willing to endure through the bugs and issues, as well as the lack of support because it was the best choice available. Sadly, in February of this year, the application’s functionality promptly discontinued and any remaining information and data was completely destroyed. The Answer: If the Mailbox community puts enough pressure on Dropbox, we can hopefully get them to accept our request to restore Mailbox and open-source it. We ask that Dropbox bring this program back and let the Mailbox community handle the application on their own. Together, we can bring back this much-needed cloud-based email application. We support the restoration of this magnificent e-mail management program for iOS and OS X.
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    Created by James P.
  • Don't let Medicare impose "Competitive Bidding" for wheelchairs in Connecticut
    Working more efficiently will save Medicare by not wasting funds on repeated appointments. The disabled patients that Medicare is supposed to be helping will be supplied with the necessary equipment to live their lives with dignity. Since Medicare is paying for these unnecessary repeat appointments the money spent on them could go to the equipment instead. They have competitive bidders that don't supply the equipment listed which needs immediate attention!
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    Created by Robert O.
  • Corporations vs the 99%
    America is on the way to becoming a nation of poorly educated serfs with very rich masters. I think this is also called fascism.
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    Created by Joycelyn K.
  • No Constitution Free Zones in the United States
    If the 2nd Amendment is such a sacred cornerstone of the Constitution, it should be respected everywhere in our country, including in the offices and workplaces of those officials who have sworn to uphold the Constitution. Presently, firearms are banned from these sites. Do we live under the Constitution or not?
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    Created by John P.
  • Bernie for VP
    Bernie has a huge following.
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    Created by Ilene L.
  • I want justice!
    I was NOT allowed to give all of my exculpatory testimony
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    Created by Scott D. D.
  • End local corrupt land use practices
    Not only does this consume valuable agricultural land, and increase commute times, it encourages the very worst kind of development and provides an enormous payday to economic elites. It doesn't matter if that ag land is 20' underwater floodplain surrounded by weak levees. As long as 5,000% - 10,000% (tax free!) profits are available, even the cockroaches will try to do land speculation. Investigative reporter David Cay Johnston reports 75% of George W. Bush's net worth came from a stadium / land deal in Anaheim Texas. This practice is the foundation of several large fortunes. One alternative: In Germany, the developers have to sell the land to local government at the ag land price, then re-purchase it at the development land price. The public retains all the profit called the "unearned increment." Germany has excellent infrastructure, good schools, and many other public benefits (single payer health care!). The arts budget for just the City of Berlin exceeds the National Endowment for the Arts for the U.S. of A. The alternative would make for a more attractive public realm instead of what we have now: Private opulence and public squalor.
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    Created by Mark D.
  • Presidential Debates
    Especially for the upcoming election the debates need to be opened up, Trump and Clinton are a disaster.
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    Created by ordell v.
  • Stop Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils
    No one thinks their vote matters and therefore no one trusts the government.
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    Created by Philip U.
  • Parent Without Punishing
    War begins with spanking on moms' knees. The violence learned there you see in school bullying, gangs, and street crime. Home should be a refuge from the world's ugliness. Over 70 years of research has shown the harmful consequences that child punishment does to us parents and taxpayers. Alice Miller's 'For Your Own Good', Murray Straus' Beating The Devil Out Of Them' and Philip Greven's 'Spare The Child' shows us why and how to be a humane parent, and A. S. Neill's 'Summerhill' demonstrates that NO punishment is best.
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    Created by norm l.
  • Restore the BANK OF CANADA (from debt to prosperity)
    We Canadian civil society organizations, who work for public welfare, call on our federal government to revive the powers of the Bank of Canada to provide funding to all levels of government in Canada, largely with interest-free loans, as was done between 1938 and 1974 with very low inflation, enabling our nation to break out of the Great Depression, to shoulder extraordinary responsibilities during World War II, and to prosper while building our infrastructure and highly valued social programs during some thirty post-war years. We Canadians now urgently need a renaissance of these powers of our Bank of Canada.
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    Created by Stephan R.