• Pass the Drone Strike Transparency Bill
    There's been a huge discrepancy between what the government has publicly said about who has been killed by U.S. drone strikes - in particular, how many civilians have been killed - and the record of independent reporting. Because of the secrecy of the program, there's been little accountability for this discrepancy. Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Walter Jones (R-NC) have now introduced legislation (1) – the Targeted Lethal Force Transparency Act – to require an annual report on the number of combatants and civilians killed or injured annually by U.S. drone strikes. The requirement is retroactive for five years. It also requires that the report include the definitions of combatants and civilian noncombatants used. (2) The Targeted Lethal Force Transparency Act has been endorsed by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. (3) References: 1. “H.R.4372 - To require the President to make publicly available an annual report on the use of targeted lethal force by remotely-piloted aircraft,” http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/4372/ 2. “Reps. Adam Schiff and Walter Jones Introduce Bipartisan Bill Requiring Annual Reporting on Drone Casualties,” April 2, 2014, http://schiff.house.gov/press-releases/reps-adam-schiff-and-walter-jones-introduce-bipartisan-bill-requiring-annual-reporting-on-drone-casualties/ 3. “Joint Statement in Support of The Targeted Lethal Force Transparency Act,” April 2, 2014, http://www.amnestyusa.org/news/news-item/joint-statement-in-support-of-the-targeted-lethal-force-transparency-act
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  • Action Against Drones: IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO?
    On the occasion of Spring Days of Action against the killer drones the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance issues this call to action: The National Security Agency is not only violating the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution by taking away the privacy rights of Americans and others around the world, but contributing to the deaths and the maiming of innocents, including children, in the NSA's role supporting the US CIA and US Military drone strikes. The Obama Administration has already violated the 5th Amendment rights of Americans killed by the drones including Anwar al-Awlaki and his son in Yemen. International law has been violated, as the US drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq are war crimes. The NSA is culpable, and we must nonviolently express our First Amendment rights and responsibilities under international law to oppose the US Government and the Obama Administration's extrajudicial killings carried out in our name and with our tax money. On Saturday, May 3, 2014 we will gather and peacefully assemble at the National Security Agency to hold a public witness against the its role in violations of international law, war crimes, and crimes against peace. Across the United States, citizen activists have been involved in challenging the killer drone program, and some of them have been arrested and jailed for being voices for the voiceless drone victims. The demonstration at the NSA will be nonviolent, and is open to all peace with justice people. Some participants may be moved to risk arrest, however, the demonstration is open to all. Please let the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance know if you are able to be at the NSA on May 3 by emailing Joy First at [email protected] A final planning meeting will be held on Friday May 2. Contact Malachy Kilbride at [email protected] for information on this important planning session. The NSA, former employer of Edward Snowden, is located at Fort Meade, Maryland where the courageous US war crimes whistle-blower, Chelsea Manning, was tried and convicted. If not you, then who, will join us on May 3, 2014? Come out for peace with justice for all and be a voice FOR the drone victims and AGAINST US militarism and the violence of empire. For more information contact Joy First, convener of the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance at: [email protected]
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  • Pass SB 1132 California Fracking Moratorium
    Last year, under pressure from the oil industry, the California Legislature failed to pass a moratorium on fracking. Since then, fracking has continued to expand in California, putting our communities, our water supply and the climate at risk. Now we have another chance to pass a fracking moratorium bill. State Senators Holly Mitchell and Mark Leno introduced SB 1132, a strong moratorium bill that, if passed, will protect California from fracking and other well stimulation techniques. SB 1132 just got a yes vote at the first committee hearing. The next vote is on April 30. We have a real opportunity to pass a fracking moratorium in California this year. The oil industry will spend huge amounts of money and political capital fighting this bill. We need your help before the next vote on April 30. Please sign the petition to urge our California State Legislators to vote yes on SB 1132 for a fracking moratorium now.
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  • Create a Virginia Commission to Convert from War to Peace Economy
    While military spending produces jobs, it produces fewer of them than civilian spending, or even than tax cuts for working people. It's a drain on the economy, in addition to its other significant drawbacks.
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  • @NYTimes: Retract your "Mass Rape" stories used to Justify Killing Gazan Civilians
    Republican pollster Frank Luntz is advising supporters of Israel that echoing the Times' stories about Oct 7 "Mass Rape" is the most potent way to justify Israel's actions, despite the fact that the rape charges play on racist and colonial tropes and many of the claims, such as "mass rapes" ("dozens") have proven faulty.
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  • Danger! American Citizens are at great Risk in Losing their Freedom and Liberty!
    If they can take away our American right and status quo of liberty, until and if ever found guilty of a crime without any conviction, then not only can they do it to Bilal Muhammad, but you, your loved ones and your families and friends. There is a saying that if they take away the rights of one person, then we are all in danger of losing those rights. So I'm asking all American people to stand together as one to stop this offense for our liberty, so that we can remain a free people.
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  • Hold arms makers accountable for wars.
    Unnecessary wars are killing and displacing millions of people. Lobbying politicians for change is unlikely as long as the arms makers can manufacture public consent through a campaign of misinformation.
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  • End Poverty--Demand a UBI equal to what Congress pays itself.
    This should not only end poverty, but present a huge cost-savings to taxpayers since all the bureaucrats who are employed in conducting "means-testing" to dole out poverty-level "assistance" to those "poor and worthy enough" can now be comfortably retired. Ending poverty will also spell the end of lots more government spending, since poverty is the #1 predictor of both crime and disease. If our government can afford to offer billions in aid to Big Pharma, Big Telecom, and Ukraine, it can surely afford to aid the people of the USA.
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  • For a withdrawal of US/NATO from Eastern Europe
    Because peace is in danger. We want to live in safety. We do not want to die for US/NATO. We refuse to support their criminal wars.
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  • Rejoin Iran nuclear treaty.
    Nuclear proliferation ultimately will lead to worlwide nuclear devastation.
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  • Transfer to another facility
    Because of inaqute health care for his skin cancer
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    The People desire that all elections be open, honest and transparent. If we truly wish to be a dynamic, fluid, diverse and Democratic Society...then all American Citizens must be informed and stay involved! These digital/internet media outlets would provide a Public Library access to current, as well as past election materials and information...an election in progress, would be documented and made available to the public in real time. The information services provided by these media outlets, would alleviate any fears of having non informed voters.. It would also eliminate any reasons given for certain partisan elections.. such as a county coroner, for example. In certain positions, it should not be required to associate your party affiliations with job requirements..it should not be a factor. Please sign to support election TRANSPARENCY and REFORM..keep the pressure on our Public Servants to be accountable for their actions!
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