• Hold arms makers accountable for wars.
    Unnecessary wars are killing and displacing millions of people. Lobbying politicians for change is unlikely as long as the arms makers can manufacture public consent through a campaign of misinformation.
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    Created by Richard T.
  • End Poverty--Demand a UBI equal to what Congress pays itself.
    This should not only end poverty, but present a huge cost-savings to taxpayers since all the bureaucrats who are employed in conducting "means-testing" to dole out poverty-level "assistance" to those "poor and worthy enough" can now be comfortably retired. Ending poverty will also spell the end of lots more government spending, since poverty is the #1 predictor of both crime and disease. If our government can afford to offer billions in aid to Big Pharma, Big Telecom, and Ukraine, it can surely afford to aid the people of the USA.
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    Created by Jill H.
  • For a withdrawal of US/NATO from Eastern Europe
    Because peace is in danger. We want to live in safety. We do not want to die for US/NATO. We refuse to support their criminal wars.
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    Created by Bistra S.
  • Rejoin Iran nuclear treaty.
    Nuclear proliferation ultimately will lead to worlwide nuclear devastation.
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    Created by James O.
  • Transfer to another facility
    Because of inaqute health care for his skin cancer
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    Created by Barb M.
    The People desire that all elections be open, honest and transparent. If we truly wish to be a dynamic, fluid, diverse and Democratic Society...then all American Citizens must be informed and stay involved! These digital/internet media outlets would provide a Public Library access to current, as well as past election materials and information...an election in progress, would be documented and made available to the public in real time. The information services provided by these media outlets, would alleviate any fears of having non informed voters.. It would also eliminate any reasons given for certain partisan elections.. such as a county coroner, for example. In certain positions, it should not be required to associate your party affiliations with job requirements..it should not be a factor. Please sign to support election TRANSPARENCY and REFORM..keep the pressure on our Public Servants to be accountable for their actions!
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    Created by Karen R. Picture
  • Memorial and Trial
    To honor the dead and bring those responsible to account.
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    Created by Leon K.
  • Trump Must Go, Now!
    Trump is a clear and present danger to our country and planet. He and his administration have created policies that are cruel, vindictive, and divisive. These policies have had detrimental impacts on every family and community. His lack of leadership and incompetence is reflected in his mishandling of the covid19 crisis. Every day we are tormented with broiling angst and frustration voiced by the media and our government representatives; one cogent reminder after another of his gross ineptitude. Where is the outrage reinforced by action so desperately needed in these most challenging times? When will those who have the power to influence stop the madness and stand up with peaceful protesters and say enough is enough? Now is the time and place for government representatives and all concerned citizens to raise our collective voices. We need to heed and follow the example of MSNBC'S Chris Hayes who recently stated with a high sense of urgency, "Trump Must Go!" and Chris Cuomo of CNN who pleaded we all need to be outraged. He utilized the film Network's most telling quote "We need to get mad as hell and yell it loud and clear, we're not going to take this anymore!" We simply cannot wait until November for things to change. The stakes are too high; we must not leave more time for Trump and his minions to enact their draconian agenda, to do more damage to our fragile democracy while affecting in a most egregious manner the most vulnerable amongst us. Daily uttering repetitious litanies of fact-based Trumpian malfeasance taxes our mental health to the limit. Feelings of excessive anxiety, helplessness, and despair, to name a few, do nothing to protect our wellbeing. Thus, we need this petition to be embraced by a collective tidal wave, to march forward with those who demand justice, and say with conviction, enough is enough! Trump Must Go, Now!
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    Created by Joe F.
  • Add monthly Bonus during COVID pandemic to make sure that Home Health Aides will keep working
    As it is now Aides are paid little, $9 to $12/hour (at least in my state), but many have been quitting since they are risking their lives for so little. W have no Health AIde for my wife, which happened since the Coronavirus Pandemic. People who live with their clients are now burdened with care of their disabled relative or friend. This is reaching a crisis point, where disabled people will NEED to move to nursing homes or other congregate-care facilities, which is much more expensive & dangerous.
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    Created by Ted Q.
  • U.S. House of Representatives must immediately pass the Green New Deal and Medicare For All
    Americans, who mostly support these two bills, need assurance from our Congress members that the future is toward care of the Earth, its people and life itself. The 2020 Democratic Party Platform ahead of Nov. 3rd will be greatly enhanced in its power if the House takes action now on these two sweeping policy programs.
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    Created by Sidney M.
  • No war
    I am a senior and too much police brutality and poverty and racism.
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    Created by Dharamraj N.
  • New York state Board of Elections should not cancel the state's presidential primary.
    Canceling the presidential primary is contrary to democracy.
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    Created by peter g.