• An Executive Order From Barack Obama
    This is important because a democracy must have whistleblowers.
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    Created by marjorie t.
  • Implement the Humphrey-Hawkins Act full and a base salary tied to inflation.
    There will be an ecological disaster and cataclysmic civil disorder unless we can pull this country back from the brink of disaster.
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    Created by Salvatore L.
  • Israel Must Move
    Justice for Palestine and the conscience of Israelis
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    Created by george b.
  • repeal the 1947 NSA ACT and bury the NSA + CIA
    The CIAs "Third World War" (1947-now) is the third bloodiest war in the history of the world. This is our (trillions and counting) Tax Dollars At Work. Imagine what positive effects that money could have accomplished, with no bloodshed or destruction. Major inroads on poverty,poor health,clean water,illiteracy....? Cheap word wide Solar Energy? Nuclear and other toxic waste solutions?
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    Created by Arkhi B.
  • Loyalty to whom?
    For example, there are a number of members of Congress hold citizenship in other countries. When situations occur involving these other countries,to which country do they do they give their allegiance?
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    Created by lou d.
  • Cut the Defense Budget and Spend the Money on Pre-K Education!
    We need to invest in the workers of the future.
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    Created by John B.
  • Action to Terminate Corporate Personhood Forever
    Fake corporate persons have shouldered into the institutions and legal infrastructure of the State, utterly overwhelming traditional republican democratic institutions and usurping the Rule of Law, converting flesh and blood humans into chattel.
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    Created by Darlene D.
  • Reduce Air Pollution in Ahwatukee
    The environment in and around Maricopa county, and in particular Ahwatukee are being severely impacted e.g., increased noise, destruction of wells, homes values impact on children by recent recent FAA, ADOT and the Federal Highway Administration actions which will significantly increase "Air Pollution." federal, state, and local governments decisions including aprroval
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    Created by Emerson S.
  • Support the Great Monarch Butterfly Migration
    Monarchs are being seriously depleted--through loss of habitat and especially loss of milkweed, which they depend on to feed their caterpillars to carry on their amazing migration across North America every year.
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    Created by Kathy S. Picture
  • Stop Recesses For Congress
    Normal people are lucky to be able to go on a single vacation. Yet Congress is allowed to just stop working for months at a time. They should get back to work and actually accomplish something meaningful.
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    Created by Greg H.
  • Invoice Our Tax Bill
    Taxpayers might want to change government priorities if they are shown how spending policies affect their taxes.
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    Created by Dave P.
  • Does Hillary Clinton Support GMO Foods?
    The public has a right to know if she supports or deny's what is is our food.
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    Created by chris b.