To: United States Congress & Canadian parliament

Grant Refugee status for unarmed civilians in the Gaza strip

Petition Text

Many unarmed civilians in the Gaza strip are affected by the siege of the Gaza strip and the siege of COVID-19. The United Nations predicts that by the end of 2020 the entire Gaza strip will be unlivable. That's why I ask the United States government and the Canadian government to start an emergency airlift and to grant emergency refugee status and coordinate with Egyptian government and the Israeli government to assist on emergency evacuation for most of the Jabilya refugee camp which is the most densely populated refugee camp.

Why is this important?

More innocent Gaza residents will die from starvation, lack of air and from drinking contaminated water which might lead to the annihilation of the population of the Gaza strip. We need to start an emergency airlift to take many unarmed civilians from the Jabilya refugee camp in the Gaza strip.

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