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To: Lisa Kershner – General Manager of Oakland Marriott Hotels, Oakland Marriott City Convention Center

Marriott: Don’t Host Urban Shield!

Result: Marriott and the City of Oakland have agreed not to host Urban Shield in the future.

Petition Text

End all contracts between the Marriott Hotel and Urban Shield.

Why is this important?

The militarized lockdown and attack on Ferguson's Black community is not an anomaly. Police repression is growing across the US and globally through coordinated efforts to militarize policing tactics and weapons. Local police departments are now directly funded by the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense.

From September 4th-8th, one such DHS-backed program, Urban Shield, will be hosted by Oakland's Marriott Hotel Convention Center through a contract with the City of Oakland. This event - hosting SWAT training, national and transnational police networking, and weaponry sales - is coordinated by the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI.)

UASI is an initiative in which the St. Louis area police actively participate. The military tanks, tear-gas, rubber bullets and SWAT armor attacking the people of Ferguson are there because of these programs.

People across communities are rising up to resist policing. We cannot allow this engine of state repression to continue. Take a stand with War Resisters League and our partners in Oakland to oppose Marriott's profiteering from the militarized repression of our communities.

Build pressure against Urban Shield and the Marriott Hotel - sign and share this petition as a nonviolent demonstration of people power!




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The Marriott manages the City Center for the City of Oakland, and that convention center will be the site of much Urban Shield activity. Enough! Pushing the Marriott is our first step to pushing them all and ending Urban Shield war games entirely. Let's keep going. Here is the video we made of last year's action. And yes, there's the Marriott again:

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