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To: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Democratic candidate for US President 2016

Sen. Sanders We Demand YOU Demand an Iowa Recount

Petition Text

As voters, we demand you, Sen. Sanders, demand a recount of the Iowa primary election/caucus results. The recount should be conducted by an impartial group using a process open to observers, media and candidates. If Iowa refuses, take it to the courts.

Why is this important?

The media reports the Iowa Democratic caucuses had the winner declared by coin flips in 6 precincts with Ms. Clinton winning each. The votes should be proportioned between candidates. In Iowa, as in America, we have the right to have our vote counted properly. Demand a recount!

Media also reports other possible irregularities. Iowa results were close. Americans are entitled to factual election results in Iowa. Demand a recount!

We all remember the hanging chads in the Florida 2000 election fiasco, the resulting Supreme Court decision, a possible stolen election and resulting illegal wars, torture and spying by Pres. Bush.

We must start the 2016 presidential primary elections by not repeating the same old mistakes. Demand an impartial recount in Iowa!

Using primaries elections to win Democratic and Republican delegates to this summer's conventions must be based upon accurately counted votes and fair elections.

As Sanders, Clinton or undecided voters, we demand that the presidential primaries be conducted in a fair, accurate and open process that results in the Democratic nominee winning fairly at this summer's convention.

The Iowa caucus results are a stain on democracy. We demand you Sen. Sanders, demand a recount and take the issue to the courts if Iowa officials do not conduct a fair, impartial recount.

How it will be delivered

Via email, US mail, press conference and Count All the Votes Rally.

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