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To: Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee and Adam Schiff, the leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee

STOP BLAMING RUSSIA for U.S. Election Results

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Stop blaming Russia for U.S. election results

Stand together to denounce the rigging of the Democratic primary by the DNC, the Democratic establishment and media

Acknowledge that the U.S. has routinely worked to influence elections around the world

Why is this important?

The hysteria over supposed Russian hacking costing Hillary the election is pathetic, and blaming Russia takes attention from the real issue, THAT the DNC, the DEMOCRATIC ESTABLISHMENT and the MEDIA rigged the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY, to ensure that their predetermined candidate would win the nomination.
The content of the leaked emails only verified the obvious rigging.
This rigging needs to be acknowledged and censured by the Democratic establishment, or it will continue.

Suppose that Russia is responsible for the hacking; it could simply be emulating the actions of the self declared exceptional world leader. The U.S. has routinely manipulated elections, orchestrated coups and overthrown governments.
The U.S. government and its media need to stop blaming and demonizing Russia, and the U.S. needs to see its actions as other countries see them, if it wants to lead effectively towards a more peaceful, sustainable world

Democrats might be surprised to know how vitriolic anti Russia their elected representatives are.



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