To: U.S. Congress and Senators, U.N. Missions, Presidents Xi Ping,Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump (and those running), Heads of State

Tell the U.S.A., China, and Russia to START LEADING

Petition Text

China, Russia, U.S.A. (and your NATO allies),

STOP the extremely childish and irresponsible behaviour of pointing the finger at each other, blaming the other, and going on about how great you are.

Our Planet and species are in grave danger!

Remember (or learn?!) the very basics of diplomacy and community building. Rise and enable our bravery, and ageless wisdom.

START leading! The true Olympics of life on earth are about TEAM. We need you each and all to join together NOW, for the Pandemic, for Climate disaster, for the floods of humanity in dire straights.

Stop your destruction and poisoning of our ecosphere, and threatening the extinction of humanity all around the globe. Your constitutions hold no Rights for this.

Citizens are NOT naive, nor unrealistic, nor romantic. They are Rising, and increasingly very realistic, pragmatic, awakening to and embracing their responsibility, much more than our institutions. The highest principles of our cultures and civilizations are evolving rapidly to lead the way.

Stop the horror of profiteering by flooding arms to anyone/everyone around the world, especially in areas of conflict and natural resources. We know well what builds cooperation, stability, safety, and nourishment. You're Not doing it.

Stop consuming the resources of our precious world to build the weaponry that will end civilization, ensure an inhabitable climate and steal a future for our grandchildren.

Listen to the greatest leaders of our ages, from all cultures, and today from a 16 year old, on up. The youth of the world rising!

Each day you are directly responsible for unbearable, unnecessary death, in the name of false security and patriotism. Each of you. The world citizens are desparatly fleeing YOUR wars and the poverty it greatly compounds.

Who will begin to lead?! Yes, unilaterally. Your fear is our common enemy, and will not control the citizens of the world forever.

Who will be the greatest server, showing the best of us?

Together China, Russia and the U.S.A., we can take on the immense, real challenges YOU are creating.... Take on the hard but rewarding work of dialogue, of education, genuine relationship, diplomacy, building the jobs which save our climate now, answer our pandemics, and halt the grave disease of war.

We can answer the expansive, magnificient promise, and become those who are responsible to meet the most urgent challenges before us ALL.

Let's Not return to the "normal". Unfold away from our secretive, distrustful, surveilling governments.

Move rapidly to educate your citizens on, and then ratify The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Join the world's nations to creatively, and fully cooperate now, together for Climate and our pandemics.

There is nothing new in this petition for most humanity. So many human endeavors and organizations have been and continue working tirelessly in these common directions.

All our "silo" concerns, causes, have always been, but are now more visibly, connecting together.

Around the world we are sharing the same language of our deep, true Strength.

Gratitude. Onward, together.

Why is this important?

You know. It's clear when we listen to the youth rising, and look at the "racism, vast militarism and extreme materialism" around us. the real threat of nuclear extinction. The real threat of our grandchildren having an inhabitable climate and planet.

How it will be delivered

Personal contacts, and via many organizations devoted and committed to a sustainable planet, human rights, caring and serving others, and standing tall against all wrongs. (via email, and personal contact)