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To: Oregon residents

Keep Nestle Out of the Cascades!

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Write and/or call the Cascade Locks City Council. Write and/or call your state representatives. Let them know it's not OK for ANYBODY to sell our water or our wetlands to Nestle!

* Write the Cascade Locks Mayor and City Council direct email here:

* Call Oregon Governor Kate Brown's public comment line at (503) 378-4582 or write her online here:

* AND here is all the contact information for the Oregon Water Resources folk :

* Contact ODFW by writing 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem, OR 97302, or by calling 503-947-6000

* Don't know what to say or write? Here's a suggestion: "I, ____, oppose the proposed Nestle Cascade Locks bottling plant, especially the transfer of water rights without a public interest review."

*Here's some other folk you can join up with who also think this should not happen:
Help keep Oregon beautiful, natural, independent, and HEALTHY!

Why is this important?

Help keep Oregon beautiful, natural, independent, and HEALTHY!
If you live in, or care about, the state of Oregon then there is something happening that you should know about. Cascade Locks is trying to sell Nestle rights to Oregon's water and permission to build a bottling plant in our state without so much as a by-your-leave from the Oregonians who currently own this water and who will be affected by this plant. If you do not already know why this would be a problem I invite you to take a moment to look at Nestle's recent actions around the world: and how Californians feel about the deals they made with Nestle now that they have the benefit of hindsight

This is an invasive and abusive company that will promise anything to get in and then, once they are established, they proceed to ignore any and all restrictions or complaints about their abuses unless they are constantly and very aggressively enforced. You can see the destructive pattern repeated over and over in Colorado, California, China, and South America. The jobs they promise the community either mysteriously never seem to manifest or they are minimum wage and temp jobs while all high pay positions are filled with imported personnel. Meanwhile the plant continues to sprawl across the previously gorgeous countryside and suck up increasingly precious clean water.

Once Nestle owns water rights they are NEVER so stupid as to sell them back again (that alone should indicate that you have something more valuable than what they are offering for it) and it becomes almost impossible to effectively enforce water usage restrictions, as California is discovering. Oregon has some of the most beautiful and unspoiled wetlands in the world, and fresh, clean WATER IS THE MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE IN THE WORLD. Nestle knows that. They see the droughts rampaging across the entire globe and they know how pricelessly precious these springs and aquifers are, so they will offer any price to acquire them and then never let them go.

I don't want these unscrupulous profit-hounds anywhere near us, but since Nestle has gone behind the public's back (after the Cascade Locks community rejected their proposals multiple times) nobody plans on giving any of us a real say! This will not simply affect the Cascade Locks area. This is upstream of a lot of other Oregonians who are being given NO say whatsoever in this decision even though they also depend upon this water source. I plan on yelling directly at the Oregon Water Resources board, Governor Kate Brown, and the Cascade Locks City Council to let them know I will NOT quietly sit by while they sell off our most precious natural resource, all on the promises of a known liar! I invite you to join me.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be emailed to Kate Brown, Nestle's American branch, ODFW's Public Service Representative, and the Cascade Locks City Council.

Oregon, United States

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