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To: U.S. Attorney General, Congress, and President Obama

Law Enforcement Personnel Held Totally Accountable By Using BodyCam Equipment.

Petition Text

Mandate that Every Police Agency and D.A, Personnel Wear Body Mounted Video and Audio Equipment With WiFi Connectivity to a Monitoring and Command Center. Cost per Person is Less than $1000 For All Equipment times 1,000,000 Persons = 1 Billion $- This is a Cheap Solution to an Ever Growing Problem. This Mandate could Be Tied to any Federal $ these agencies are to Receive. Federal Law Enforcement , Prosecutorial , and Judges Could Be Mandated to Have this Equipment On and Recording while On The Clock and/or Acting in an Official Capacity. It Really is the Only Way to Oversee these people's Job Performance and Adherence to the Law. I'm Positive that "Bad Apples" will be Culled Out with This Mandate!

Why is this important?

Law Enforcement Is Not Working Well in the USA. Too Many People Being Incarcerated with High Recidivism Rates. Too Many Cops Shooting Suspects, Too Many "Deals" in Prosecution and Sentencing. Too Much Individual Discretion Applied in the Whole Process By Law Enforcement Personnel .