To: The United Nations


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People diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are being ridiculed, neglected, tortured, robbed, raped and murdered. It is time to put it to an end.

The nations of the world must unite to create a international agreement to protect and empower people with autism on a whole new level. This includes improved access to SSI/SSDI, improved education that presents unbiased facts about autism and how neurotypical (non-autistic) people can help autistics, proper representation of autistics in the media, and new laws that charge harsh penalties for those who abuse autistics, and life-without-parole sentences to those who commit homicide of autistics, regardless of the neurotypical killer's degree of wealth or social status.

Why is this important?

People with Autism, despite their limitations, have much to contribute to society. New skills, perspectives, talents, accomplishments - and therefore they must be protected from neurotypicals who don't know how to approach them properly. We can no longer tolerate this abuse - it is time for the world to act.