To: Donald Trump and his family

Pressure Donald Trump to release his tax returns

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Donald Trump is still refusing to release his tax returns to the public, breaking promises to do so. He claims that this is because he’s being audited, but there is nothing preventing or discouraging a person from releasing tax returns during an audit.

Why is this important?

He said on the popular morning show Good Morning America that he fights “very hard to pay as little tax as possible.” His claim to wealth has also been called into question.The best way for this refusal to hurt his campaign is to get news outlets to cover the issue. Urge multiple highly popular news companies to step up their game and start seriously pressuring Donald Trump to release his tax returns.Trump is never going to release his tax returns unless there are consequences for not doing so. You have a responsibility to keep important political candidates like this honest. We demand that you start adequately covering Trump’s failure to release his returns and continue putting on the pressure until he does so. The future of the entire nation is at stake.