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To: State of Maine Citizens

STOP Nordic Aquafarms Salmon CAFO in Belfast ME - "People's Petition"

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We support economic growth which prioritizes and encourages the development of local, regenerative and ecologically sustainable businesses.

Nordic Aquafarms wants to build one of the biggest industrial fish facilities, a CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation), in the world in Belfast.

Due to our many serious concerns regarding water use and water rights, animal welfare, destruction of woodland, the company’s lack of experience, profits leaving the area, and hiring needs competing with existing local businesses, as well as significant unanswered questions about the fish food and effluent, we the undersigned oppose this project. Please help STOP THIS PROJECT by signing our "People's Petition."

Why is this important?

YES to Local Citizens for SMART Growth (LCSG) which was formed to raise awareness about sustainable growth for small towns and cities, including local biodiverse food systems, smart business and industry expansion, affordable housing, keeping our dollars local and supporting a fully inclusive democratic process for all citizens.

FISH TANKS? NO THANKS! Like our FB page please: Local Citizens for SMART Growth
Belfast Maine

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