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To: Texas Department of Criminal Justice Officials, Texas State Officials

Demand adequate treatment and protection for inmate, Keith "Malik" Washington

Petition Text

Immediately remove Keith "Malik" Washington from the Coffield unit or provide him with protective custody!

Questions we need answers to:
How does TDCJ justify transferring him from a minimum security unit geared toward high profile protective custody prisoners and sending him to a gang heavy maximum security unit?
Are they trying to cause him harm?
Why was he transferred in the first place? Was it retaliation for him seeking environmental justice?
Will a health and safety inspection or sanitation investigation be launched in response to Malik’s claims?

Why is this important?

Keith "Malik" Washington is an activist and current prisoner of the menacing U.S. criminal justice system. Throughout his sentence, Malik has witnessed and experienced severe environmental neglect and its detrimental effects in Texas state prisons. He has written dozens of letters to legislators and activists revealing the horrendous conditions in TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) facilities, including malnutrition, contaminated water and extreme overheating.

Retaliation is real! Malik’s efforts, instead of being met with serious investigation and support, have been treated as a threat to Texas legislators and officials. In retaliation to Malik’s efforts to expose the environmental injustices in Texas prisons, he has been transferred to the Coffield Unit, the largest and most gang-present prison in the state of Texas.

Malik has deliberately been placed in harm’s way by the TDCJ! According to Malik, there have been multiple threats made against his life from both guards and prisoners and it is very clear that he was transferred to Coffield because the TDCJ is retaliating against him for exposing environmental injustices in the TDCJ system.

Malik needs to be protected from threats made from guards and gangs in the Coffield Unit, which the unit’s administration have encouraged. We demand that Malik immediately be placed either in a different unit or in some sort of protective custody.

Malik has devoted his life to exposing injustices in prisons across the country through education and activism - even while confined to a prison cell. He has written numerous articles for online prison activist sites. One of his more recent articles is provided below:

Sign this petition demand Malik’s immediate removal from the Coffield unit or immediate placement into protective custody within the prison!


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