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To: Doug Broxson, Florida State Senator, Florida State legislature and the state legislatures of the United States.

Democracy busted? Fix it with 28th Amendment.

Petition Text

Use the tools provided by the architects of our Constitution to help draft and pass the 28th Amendment, "The Candidate Qualification, Recall, and Election Reform Act of 2017."
We have a crisis in accountability of elected officials.
America is sworn to uphold International Law and human rights. Yet from wars of aggression to extrajudicial drone killings, current and recent US administrations from both major parties are in violation of these agreements, and most of Congress is complicit.

Why is this important?

America is also founded to uphold common hoped-for benefits which unite us (as described in The Preamble to the US Constitution). These are: justice, civil order, common defense [not the preemptive kind], general welfare [not corporate welfare], and preserving for future generations ("our posterity") the benefits we wish for ourselves and fellow citizens. By many measures, these values, too, are not being realized.

What's the solution?

A constitutional amendment that ensures fair elections, and provides new means to nominate and hold new officeholders accountable to We The People:
A six-month probationary period for new electees to enforce accountability.
Vote of confidence/budget impasse provisions that increase control of government by the electorate.

Automatic nationwide voter registration, thumbprint verified, updated by motor vehicle license and/or payroll records.
Stricter requirements and enforcement of tamper-proof, hack-proof, and fully auditable elections.

Why not go through Congress?

Since the Congress is part of the problem to be solved, the usual route of sending it through Congress would not work.

Article V of the US Constitution spells out the steps by which amendments to the Constitution can be made, which includes ratification by 3/4 of state legislatures. This new proposed bill will be sent to state legislatures once it has been circulated and endorsed. It requires endorsement by 2/3 of state legislatures to call for a vote and passage by 3/4 to be ratified.

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