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To: Congressional members - Impeach to Uphold the Rule of Law.

You Must Impeach Trump for War Crimes & Bust the Military/Industrial Complex!

Petition Text

U.S. House & Senate Members Should Impeach Trump for Illegal Wars, Torture, Spying, Killing Civilians, Overthrowing Governments Around the World & Threatening Preemptive & Nuclear War!

We call on House members to uphold their oath of office by passing a resolution to conduct an impeachment inquiry, and conduct such an impeachment inquiry based upon articles of impeachment stating President Donald Trump is:
• continuing the illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other places,
• continuing the illegal torture of prisoners,
• continuing the illegal spying on Americans,
• continuing the illegal killing of civilians,
• illegally threatening to conduct preemptive wars against N. Korea and Venezuela,
• illegally threatening nuclear war against N. Korea, and
• using the CIA and military to illegally overthrow governments around the world.

With the exception of spying, that is a Constitutional violation, all the above actions are considered to be war crimes and violate the US Constitution, US laws, the UN Charter, and/or various international treaties.

We call on Senate members to uphold their oath of office and urge House colleagues to start the impeachment inquiry.

Why is this important?

Our country was founded on the idea that our government would be instituted under the “rule of law” rather than the political whims of kings and queens as England was ruled in the 1700’s.

Our Constitution states Congress must pass a declaration of war before the US military and president can take action against another nation, except in the case America is attacked by another nation.

America has NOT been attacked by any of the nations in which our military or CIA forces are fighting today. Furthermore, no declarations of war have been approved by Congress. Thus these wars are illegal under the American Constitution and laws. They are illegal under the UN Charter and various treaties America has signed. Mr. Trump’s threatening preemptive nuclear war and aggression against N. Korea and threatening war of aggression against Venezuela are established war crimes.

Trillions of dollars have been spent illegally drowning our Nation in debt and prohibiting the domestic public investments necessary to help our people and environment.

Today we have a vast complex comprised of military/industrial/intelligence/elected officials. This complex is an old boys club with each group helping the other get public tax dollars and get richer becoming ever more powerful.

This complex spends trillions of dollars on preparation for wars, on actual illegal wars of aggression and sends millions of American soldiers into harm’s way.

The result of these illegal wars has been: millions of people have died, been wounded or made ill or homeless by these Wars on Terror. Thousands of American troops have died and hundreds of thousands wounded physically, mentally or emotionally.

We must break the back of this “complex.” The impeachment and removal from office of President Trump for war crimes will initiate, hopefully, the dismantling and demise of this “complex” by Congress and future administrations.

Why? Because the next president Vice President Pence, or another person, will have to obey the rule of law or he/she will be the next person impeached. Future presidents will think twice before they commit illegal actions. Additionally, once the president has been impeached, the following impeachments of military and intelligence leaders for their violations of their oath of office and the laws of our land will become easier.

The American military/industrial/intelligence/elected official complex is possibly the greatest threat to world peace and to the future of America that exists.

It must be dismantled and the perpetrators punished and removed from power.

We, the below members of Veterans for Peace, are co-sponsors of this petition. We urge you to please sign the petition, share it with your friends and hopefully help save our future!

Philip Anderson, VFP Chapter 80 Duluth-Superior, WI US Army 1975-78 retired-Army & Navy Reserves
Buzz Davis, VFP Ch. 13 Tucson, AZ, US Army 1967-70 S. Korea
Kay Davis, Assoc. Member VFP Ch. 13 Tucson, AZ
Brad Geyer, Ch. 175 Janesville, WI USAF 1989-93 WI ANG 1993-03 Gulf War
Dan Luker, VFP Ch. 9 Boston, MA, US Army 1968-71 Vietnam
John Spitzberg, Chs. 099/160, Willow, AK, US Army & Air Force 1958-72 Germany
Jean Rawson, Assoc. Member VFP Ch. 25 Madison, WI
Joshua Shurley, VFP Ch. 180 Fresno, CA, US Army 1993-01
Carroll Nast, VFP Ch. 122 Colfax, CA, USAF 1969-79 Vietnam
Wayne Beverly, VFP Udonthani, Thailand USMC Sgt-Vietnam 1966-67
Paul Gessler, VFP Ch. 178 Northern CO USAF 1970-73 ICBM Support
Jim Wohlgemuth, VFP Nashville, TN
George Newell, Pres. VFP Ch. 120 Boulder, CO USMC 1968-1973
VFP Chapter 120 Boulder, CO
Daryl K. Sherman, VFP Ch. 25 Madison, WI US Army Special Forces Sgt. 1956-62 Berlin 60-62
Cynthia Heil, Assoc. Member, VFP Ch. 099 Asheville, NC

How it will be delivered

We will do a press conference, press releases, op eds and letters to the editor that the petition has been released for signing.

Once we have gathered a good number of signatures, we will deliver electronic copies of the petition to Congress members and the White House. We will ask signers to deliver paper copies to their House and Senate members local offices.


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