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To: U.S. President Trump and Canadian President Trudeau

No Weapons to Nazi Regime in Ukraine

No Weapons to Nazi Regime in Ukraine

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Stop U.S. transfer of offensive weapons and military training for the puppet regime in Ukraine. Stop Canadian arms sales and funds for ammunition to Kiev.

Why is this important?

Since the U.S.-directed coup d'état in Kiev, Ukraine in 2014 more than 10,000 have been killed as the puppet government in Kiev has been attacking its own citizens in eastern Ukraine.

Nazis (now part of various security departments in the Ukrainian government) have been trained, armed and directed to attack Russian ethnic citizens living in the Donbass region near Russia.

US Special Forces from Fort Carson, Colorado are repeatedly sent to western Ukraine to train Kiev's military. Schools, hospitals, day care centers, churches, airports, rail stations, and civilian residences are repeatedly attacked by Ukraine's nationalist forces.

Canada is also now increasing its military support for Kiev's terror operation against its own citizens.

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Reasons for signing

  • My own government (U.S.) is using force to harm almost every other country in the world, while treating we, the people like we are totally unimportant! Enough already, the U.S. needs to rebuild our own country and STOP warring all over the world!
  • Stop the covert US war machine on Russia. It's time for all slavic peoples to unite.
  • Stop encouraging all sort of supremacist psychopaths which only argument is: Either you are one of us or you die.


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