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To: President Biden

Release Julian Assange

Petition Text

Release Julian Assange from prison and stop your childish campaign against him. It wasn't Julian that did anything wrong, it was the US Government among many others. There was no national security or any other security threat; you were humiliated as you deserved for what you did.

Why is this important?

This isn't about Assange, this is about a misbehaving government. When the government is caught doing bad things the first response is to attempt to discredit the person who exposed those acts. It's the government and its representatives that need to be charged, not the whistleblower -- but you already know that, you just don't want to be reprimanded. We need to have oversight of our government and we need to be thankful for those that show our government acting at their worst; that means the last thing we want to do is try to scare those that want to attest to the government’s behavior.

Finally, Julian is not an American citizen and you have no jurisdiction over him to have him imprisoned or to charge him with any crimes.