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To: President Obama

Hold the insurance industry accountable for its many abuses.

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The executive, judicial, senate & congressional branches of our government need to hold hearings, investigate on and as to why the insurance industry denies benefits to anyone who is sick or ill with impunity and or with immunity, is allowed to conduct illegal acts to those who need medical or benefits services.

Why is this important?

For the last 3 decades, many Americans whether they are regular patients, injured workers or veterans are being denied access to real medical care and other benefits. This effects the poorer folks, the elderly, minorities, the disabled & the sick. Under the Affordable Care Act, this was to stop. It has not. The conditions to deny are worse.Why? Because the insurance industry has impunity against its many humane rights abuses which include denial and refusal of the proper medical care, paying for the wrong care & "care" that will make a patient medical condition worse which will create more injuries or illnesses. such as injecting patients with unknown drugs that not only make the condition worse but actually harms the patient immeasurable for life, preventing them from ever working again. Patients that try to fight back in getting the right care or speaking against the denial or refusal of medical care are retaliated against. One way is to have them under constant and illegal surveillance, in many cases, years of surveillance even by local or top law enforcement such as the FBI. Surveillance that involves stalking the patient while out in public and public or private business and while in vehicles with GPS monitoring and causing car accidents, phone tapping, computer hacking, breaking & entering a patient's home or other owned properties. The police break into patients homes under guise that there are illegal drugs in the home. Private investigators are hired to go into churches to spy on ill or injured patients. There is also the theft of U.S.mail evidence that could prove to win against the insurers. Patients are now claiming that they are afraid of their medications and their food being tampered with. Patients or family members who try and speak out for themselves or their families have been stopped by police, looking for "drugs" and or arrested with no charge. Then there are the insurance doctors reports that are falsely altering medical reports and these same doctors will then deem these patients as mental cases. Now it is happening to our veterans, those who are coming came back from the wars in the Mideast. After listening to patients and injured workers for many years, it has become quite clear that being injured or ill makes one a target of inhumane treatment which includes not getting their right medical care treatment or any other benefit. The SSA & Medicare (tax payer money) should not be the only insurance companies to pick up the tab for insurers who continue to ultimately deny any rightful and owed benefits. This has to stop! AND the only way is for our leadership in our Washington D.C. leadership should hold the insurance cartel/monopoly fully accountable with enforcement of the laws that guarantee us our civil, constitutional & human rights. No insurer should have impunity or immunity that results in the delays and denials for the right to receive medical treatment and benefits or in the targeting with inhumane AND illegal practices on those of whom are the most vulnerable, the sick and injured.


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2015-08-17 16:29:00 -0400

The more injured workers, the more claims to raided by employers insurance adjusters judges, lawyers, doctors. Workers comp should not be the huge business it is today and then let us injured workers and others who paid into the SSA/Medicare tax/insurance mandated programs pay for the injuries/illnesses that employers caused through deliberate negligence. Stop the profiting of sick anf injured workers, please sign the petition. Only 82 signatures needed. Please make this happen.

2015-08-15 22:00:15 -0400

Thanks to everyone who has signed. America needs to know what is going on with us injured workers. The regular media still will not help expose what the true story is about this thing called worker's compensation with injured workers. This petition is our voice.

2015-08-15 21:55:21 -0400

There are millions of injured workers who are not getting worker compensation benefits. Unless you get injured or ill on the job only you or those closest to you will know the grief of being injured and then get treated like a the employer and it's insurance carrier. We cannot get through to state or federal agencies or through to our legislators. We are being tormented through illegal surveillance. We need to be treated as American citizens, who are not criminals but just workers who were injured through no fault of our own. This is money that is being used out of your insurance premiums and tax dollars. We are paying for our own injuries/illness through SSA/Medicare. Stop the worker comp scourge of American citizens. Please sign this petition.

2015-04-22 15:33:20 -0400

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2015-04-17 12:44:00 -0400

Surveillance in spying on injured or ill around is now A BIG BUSINESS, nationwide costing us billions increase in our health care premiums.. Small businesses pay regular hikes where as large corporations do not. squeezing more of us , the middle class